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Demand for Higher Education Programs: The Impact of the Bologna Process
While several aspects of the Bologna process deserve wide public support, the reduction of the length of the first cycle of studies to three years in several continental European countries, where itExpand
Does Accessibility to Higher Education Matter? Choice Behaviour of High School Graduates in the Netherlands
Abstract This paper identifies pivotal factors behind individual decision making in the transition from high school to post-secondary education in the Netherlands. We apply a multinomial logitExpand
Determinants of the Regional Demand for Higher Education in The Netherlands: A Gravity Model Approach
Sá C., Florax R. J. G. M. and Rietveld P. (2004) Determinants of the regional demand for higher education in The Netherlands: a gravity model approach, Reg. Studies 38, 375–392. Studies on theExpand
Living Arrangement and University Choice of Dutch Prospective Students
Sá C., Florax R. J. G. M. and Rietveld P. Living arrangement and university choice of Dutch prospective students, Regional Studies. The nature of university choice and living-arrangement decisions ofExpand
Determinants of the Regional Demand for Higher Education: A Gravity Model Approach
Studies on the determinants of the demand for higher education typically emphasize the relevance of socio-economic factors, but leave the spatial dimensions of the prospective students' universityExpand
Survival analysis and competing risk models of hospital length of stay and discharge destination: the effect of distributional assumptions
The literature on length of stay and hospital discharge is often used to inform policy regarding hospital payment and quality. This literature has evolved from the use of ordinary least squaresExpand
Evaluating student allocation in the Portuguese public higher education system
This paper characterizes and evaluates the student allocation in the Portuguese public higher education system. It describes the supply and demand sides of the system by looking at the numerusExpand
Perceptions of the Bologna process: what do students’ choices reveal?
A major element in the creation of the European area of higher education is the adoption of a common structure of degrees, implying in several countries the reduction of the duration of the firstExpand
Admission conditions and graduates’ employability
In a context of increasing competition for students, admission conditions have been used as an instrument in a strategy of differentiation. Such a strategy is guided by short‐run concerns, that is,Expand
Returns to Postgraduate Education in Portugal: Holding on to a Higher Ground?
In this paper we use a large official employer-employee data set to document and decompose the rising graduates postgraduates’ wage differentials in Portugal. Using a non-parametric matching exerciseExpand