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The Investment Model Scale: Measuring commitment level, satisfaction level, quality of alternatives, and investment size
Three studies evaluated the reliability and validity of the Investment Model Scale, an instrument designed to measure four constructs, including commitment level and three bases ofExpand
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Commitment and satisfaction in romantic associations: A test of the investment model ☆
Abstract Two experiments were designed to test the adequacy of the investment model of developing relationships in predicting satisfaction with and commitment to ongoing associations. According toExpand
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A longitudinal test of the investment model: The development (and deterioration) of satisfaction and commitment in heterosexual involvements.
A longitudinal study of heterosexual dating relationships tested investment model predictions regarding the process by which satisfaction and commitment develop (or deteriorate) over time. IncreasesExpand
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Impact of Exchange Variables on Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect: An Integrative Model of Responses to Declining Job Satisfaction
This research offers a new theory predicting the effects of three exchange variables, job satisfaction, investment size, and quality of alternatives, on four general responses toExpand
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Willingness to sacrifice in close relationships.
The authors advance an interdependence analysis of willingness to sacrifice. Support for model predictions was revealed in 6 studies (3 cross-sectional survey studies, 1 simulation experiment, 2Expand
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Commitment Processes in Close Relationships: An Interdependence Analysis
This article employs interdependence theory as a means of understanding how and why some relationships survive difficult times whereas other promising relationships end. Interdependence theory makesExpand
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Cognitive Interdependence: Commitment and the Mental Representation of Close Relationships
On the basis of an interdependence analysis, it is proposed that commitment to a close relationship is associated with cognitive interdependence—a mental state characterized by a pluralistic,Expand
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Accommodation processes in close relationships: Theory and preliminary empirical evidence.
A theory of accommodation processes is advanced, and the results of 6 studies are reported. Accommodation refers to the willingness, when a partner has engaged in a potentially destructive act, toExpand
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Dealing with betrayal in close relationships: does commitment promote forgiveness?
This work complements existing research regarding the forgiveness process by highlighting the role of commitment in motivating forgiveness. On the basis of an interdependence-theoretic analysis, theExpand
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Commitment, pro-relationship behavior, and trust in close relationships.
The present work advances and tests an interdependence-based model of the associations among commitment, pro-relationship behavior, and trust. Findings from two longitudinal studies revealed goodExpand
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