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Ecotoxicology and pesticides in tropical aquatic ecosystems of Central America
Although pesticide use is high in the Central American region, few studies concerning environmental levels and effects of pesticides in aquatic ecosystems have been conducted. In this review 18Expand
Water quality and macroinvertebrate community response following pesticide applications in a banana plantation, Limon, Costa Rica.
Pesticides used in banana production may enter watercourses and pose ecological risks for aquatic ecosystems. The occurrence and effects of pesticides in a stream draining a banana plantation wasExpand
Pesticide residues in the aquatic environment of banana plantation areas in the North Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica
A study of pesticide residues in surface waters and sediments was undertaken in the Suerte River Basin, Costa Rica, that drains into the Tortuguero conservation area. Samples were collected inExpand
Paraquat in Developing Countries
Abstract The herbicide, paraquat is considered safe by industry and the bulk of regulators worldwide. However, determinants of exposure from 30 years ago persist in developing countries. Little isExpand
Field testing passive air samplers for current use pesticides in a tropical environment.
Air was sampled for one year in the central valley of Costa Rica using an active high-volume sampler as well as passive samplers (PAS) based on polyurethane foam (PUF) disks and XAD-resin filled meshExpand
Hazardous Pesticides in Central America
Abstract Pesticides are an extensively documented occupational and environmental hazard in Central America. Yet, severe problems persist. Toxic pesticide use in the Region increased during 1985–1999.Expand
Assessment of DDT levels in selected environmental media and biological samples from Mexico and Central America.
Taking into account the environmental persistence and the toxicity of DDT, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) organized a surveillance program in Mesoamerica which included the detection ofExpand
Occurrence and fate of illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals in wastewater from two wastewater treatment plants in Costa Rica.
Chemical analysis of raw wastewater in order to assess the presence of biological markers entering a wastewater treatment plant can provide objective information about the health and lifestyle of theExpand
Environmental hazards of pesticides from pineapple crop production in the Río Jiménez watershed (Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica).
This study aimed to characterize environmental hazards of pesticides from pineapple production in riparian communities along the Jiménez River watershed. To achieve our objectives riparian ecologicalExpand
Environmental risk assessment of pesticides in the River Madre de Dios, Costa Rica using PERPEST, SSD, and msPAF models
This study assesses the ecological risks (ERA) of pesticides to aquatic organisms in the River Madre de Dios (RMD), which receives surface runoff water from banana, pineapple, and rice plantations onExpand