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Rent Seeking and the Restriction of Human Exchange
THE history of slavery as an American institution has undergone a major reassessment since the publication of the classic works, first by Conrad and Meyer in 1958, and then by Fogel and Engerman inExpand
Islam’s democracy paradox: Muslims claim to like democracy, so why do they have so little?
In this brush-clearing paper, we demonstrate that there is a deficit both of democracy and of freedom in Muslim-majority countries by comparison with the rest of the world. We further demonstrateExpand
Political culture and economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract This paper argues that the dismal economic performance of much of sub-Saharan Africa since independence can be explained only in part, if at all, by such conventional arguments as adverseExpand
Toward a public choice theory of monopoly regulation
its many dimensions, from the perspective of market economics. This new thrust was consolidated in 1976 by S. Peltzman, who developed a formal market model in which regulations were viewed asExpand
Readings in public choice and constitutional political economy
READINGS IN PUBLIC CHOICE AND CONSTITUTIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY 1ST EDITION PDF Are you looking for readings in public choice and constitutional political economy 1st edition Books? Now, you will beExpand
X-Theory versus Management Discretion Theory
During the past thirty years the profit maximisation assumption of NeoClassical economic theory has been attacked both on grounds of intrinsic unrealism and on grounds of the predictive inadequaciesExpand
The Israel and Palestine land settlement problem, 1948–2005: An analytical history
This paper traces the history of the current conflict between Israel and Palestine from 1948–2005 C.E. It focuses on the frontier conflict between Israel and Palestine, a conflict that has resultedExpand
Gordon Tullock: Entrepreneur of public choice
When Gordon Tullock first encountered James M. Buchanan, in 1957 as an initial step in his transition from the bureaucracy of the U.S. Department of State to the Ivy League atmosphere of theExpand