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Quantum gravity
  • C. Rovelli
  • Computer Science, Physics
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  • 15 November 2004
Relational quantum mechanics
I suggest that the common unease with taking quantum mechanics as a fundamental description of nature (the “measurement problem”) could derive from the use of an incorrect notion, as the unease withExpand
Discreteness of area and volume in quantum gravity [Nucl. Phys. B 442 (1995) 593]
Abstract We study the operator that corresponds to the measurement of volume, in non-perturbative quantum gravity, and we compute its spectrum. The operator is constructed in the loop representation,Expand
Jet energy scale and resolution in the CMS experiment in pp collisions at 8 TeV
Improved jet energy scale corrections, based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.7 fb^(-1) collected by the CMS experiment in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-massExpand
CMS Collaboration
Loop-quantum-gravity vertex amplitude.
This work presents an alternative dynamics that can be derived as a quantization of a Regge discretization of Euclidean general relativity, where second class constraints are imposed weakly. Expand
A theory of everything?
In his later years, Einstein sought a unified theory that would extend general relativity and provide an alternative to quantum theory. There is now talk of a ‘theory of everything’ (althoughExpand
Loop Quantum Gravity
  • C. Rovelli
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Living reviews in relativity
  • 1 October 1997
A general overview of ideas, techniques, results and open problems of this candidate theory of quantum gravity is provided, and a guide to the relevant literature is provided. Expand
Flipped spinfoam vertex and loop gravity
Abstract We introduce a vertex amplitude for 4d loop quantum gravity. We derive it from a conventional quantization of a Regge discretization of euclidean general relativity. This yields a spinfoamExpand