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Constitutional Dictatorship: Crisis Government in the Modern Democracies
How should the United States be governed during times of crisis? Definitely not as we are in times of tranquility, asserts this classic study. The war on terrorism is a case in point. The horrors ofExpand
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1787: The Grand Convention
In this masterly account of the Philadelphia summer when our Constitution was born, Clinton Rossiter establishes his claim that the year 1787 is preeminent in American history. Bringing to life theExpand
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The political thought of the American revolution
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Conservatism in America: The Thankless Persuasion
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Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution
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The Constitutional Significance of the Executive Office of the President.
Whatever the formula, these 10 urban states, geographically not adjacent, constituted a matrix of political strength, 'together similar in political complexion and trend, but often distinct fromExpand
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The Shaping of the American Tradition
Wf T TE Americans are now passing through a period of political and cultural conservatism quite without precedent in all our history. Wearied by a quarter-century of reform and adventure, we wouldExpand
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Miracle at Philadelphia
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