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The Megapodes: MegaPodiidae
List of colour plates. Abbreviations. Plan of the book. Anatomical diagrams. Part I: General Chapters. 1: Introduction to the megapodes. 2: Taxonomy and relationships. 3: Distribution, biogeography,Expand
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Geographical Variation in Waders
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Ecomorphology of the wheatears (genus Oenanthe)
We used measurements of museum skins to assess morphological differences between the 22 currently recognized species of wheatear and to identify correlations between morphological features,Expand
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Sanderling — Calidris alba
Sanderlings are breeding in high arctic regions of both the Nearctic and the Palearctic (Fig. 50). The breeding distribution is scattered, with large areas in Siberia and Alaska being unoccupied. TheExpand
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New Species in the Old World: Europe as a Frontier in Biodiversity Exploration, a Test Bed for 21st Century Taxonomy
The number of described species on the planet is about 1.9 million, with ca. 17,000 new species described annually, mostly from the tropics. However, taxonomy is usually described as a science inExpand
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Integrative taxonomy reveals Europe's rarest songbird species, the Gran Canaria blue chaffinch Fringilla polatzeki
The conservation of endangered taxa often critically depends on accurate taxonomic designations. The status of the Gran Canaria population of the Blue Chaffinch Fringilla t. polatzeki has not beenExpand
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