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Why Africa's Weak States Persist: The Empirical and the Juridical in Statehood
State institutions and organizations in Black Africa are less developed than almost anywhere else, and political instability has been prevalent. Yet, these serious empirical weaknesses have not ledExpand
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Personal rule in Black Africa
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The myth of "Mau Mau" : nationalism in Kenya
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Personal Rule: Theory and Practice in Africa
Personal rule has been a compelling facet of politics at least since the time of Machiavelli. It is the image not of a ruler but of a type of rulership.' Personal rule is a dynamic world of politicalExpand
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Political Parties and National Integration in Tropical Africa
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Soberanía y subdesarrollo: Estatalidad jurídica en la crisis africana
espanolCuando hablamos del ?estado? en Africa Tropical de hoy dia, es posible que hayamos creado una ilusion. Habitualmente el termino significa una estructura politica independiente con suficienteExpand
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Personal Rule in Black Africa: Prince, Autocrat, Prophet, Tyrant
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