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Role of oxidative stress in seasonal and daily vertical migration of three krill species in the Gulf of California
Vertical distribution and abundance of three numerically dominant krill species (Nyctiphanes simplex, Nematoscelis difficilis, and Euphausia eximia) were surveyed in the Gulf of California toExpand
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The pelagic red crab (Pleuroncodes planipes) related to active upwelling sites in the California Current off the west coast of Baja California
The red crab, Pleuroncodes planipes, is the most abundant species in the microneckton of the southern part of the California Current and plays an important role in the use of energy made available byExpand
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Discovery of massive seafloor gas seepage along the Wagner Fault, northern Gulf of California
Abstract Large-scale gas seepage and fluid ejection features are described from the edges of the active pull-apart Wagner and Consag basins (northern Gulf of California, Mexico), at water depthsExpand
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Changes in relative abundance, variability, and stability of fish assemblages of Eastern Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte—the value of long-term community sampling
Abstract Intensive long-term index sampling of the fish communities of eastern Lake Ontario (outlet basin—gill netting, 1958–98, average annual effort 16.3 km of netting; bottom trawling, 1972–98,Expand
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Daily vertical migration of dense deep scattering layers related to the shelf-break area along the northwest coast of Baja California, Mexico
Echo signals were collected with a Simrad 200 kHz transducer across the shelf-break features off the northwest coast of Baja California (30°05'-30°42'N, 115°50'-116°26'W) during two diel cycles (JulyExpand
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Pseudocollinia brintoni gen. nov., sp. nov. (Apostomatida: Colliniidae), a parasitoid ciliate infecting the euphausiid Nyctiphanes simplex.
A novel parasitoid ciliate, Pseudocollinia brintoni gen. nov., sp. nov. was discovered infecting the subtropical sac-spawning euphausiid Nyctiphanes simplex off both coasts of the Baja CaliforniaExpand
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Hydroacoustical evidence of autumn inshore residence of the pelagic red crab Pleuroncodes planipes at Punta Eugenia, Baja California, Mexico
A previously published conceptual model of the life history of the red crab Pleuroncodes planipes (Galathei- dae) (Stimpson, 1860) reports that the center of distribution of this micronektonicExpand
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Vertical pelagic habitat of euphausiid species assemblages in the Gulf of California
Abstract We describe the seasonal changes in the horizontal and vertical distribution and abundance of euphausiid species associated with seven physical and 61 biological variables in the Gulf ofExpand
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Prolonged decline of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) landings in the Gulf of California is associated with chronically low wind stress and decreased chlorophyll a after El Niño 2009–2010
Abstract Dosidicus gigas (jumbo or Humboldt squid) is an ecologically relevant predator in the Gulf of California, Mexico, where it supports an economically valuable fishery. The commercial jumboExpand
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High heat flow and ocean acidification at a nascent rift in the northern Gulf of California
The prevailing tectonic setting in the Gulf California suggests the presence of an undetermined number of short spreading centres with associated hydrothermal systems. However, to date, activeExpand
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