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Geobacter: the microbe electric's physiology, ecology, and practical applications.
Geobacter species specialize in making electrical contacts with extracellular electron acceptors and other organisms. This permits Geobacter species to fill important niches in a diversity ofExpand
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Genome-scale dynamic modeling of the competition between Rhodoferax and Geobacter in anoxic subsurface environments
The advent of rapid complete genome sequencing, and the potential to capture this information in genome-scale metabolic models, provide the possibility of comprehensively modeling microbial communityExpand
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Anaerobic Oxidation of Benzene by the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Ferroglobus placidus †
ABSTRACT Anaerobic benzene oxidation coupled to the reduction of Fe(III) was studied in Ferroglobus placidus in order to learn more about how such a stable molecule could be metabolized under strictExpand
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Genome-scale comparison and constraint-based metabolic reconstruction of the facultative anaerobic Fe(III)-reducer Rhodoferax ferrireducens
BackgroundRhodoferax ferrireducens is a metabolically versatile, Fe(III)-reducing, subsurface microorganism that is likely to play an important role in the carbon and metal cycles in the subsurface.Expand
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The genome of Geobacter bemidjiensis, exemplar for the subsurface clade of Geobacter species that predominate in Fe(III)-reducing subsurface environments.
BackgroundGeobacter species in a phylogenetic cluster known as subsurface clade 1 are often the predominant microorganisms in subsurface environments in which Fe(III) reduction is the primaryExpand
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Genome-scale analysis of anaerobic benzoate and phenol metabolism in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Ferroglobus placidus
Insight into the mechanisms for the anaerobic metabolism of aromatic compounds by the hyperthermophilic archaeon Ferroglobus placidus is expected to improve understanding of the degradation ofExpand
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Elucidation of an alternate isoleucine biosynthesis pathway in Geobacter sulfurreducens.
The central metabolic model for Geobacter sulfurreducens included a single pathway for the biosynthesis of isoleucine that was analogous to that of Escherichia coli, in which the isoleucine precursorExpand
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Mechanisms Involved in Fe(III) Respiration by the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Ferroglobus placidus
ABSTRACT The hyperthermophilic archaeon Ferroglobus placidus can utilize a wide variety of electron donors, including hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds, with Fe(III) serving as an electronExpand
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Expression of acetate permease-like (apl ) genes in subsurface communities of Geobacter species under fluctuating acetate concentrations.
The addition of acetate to uranium-contaminated aquifers in order to stimulate the growth and activity of Geobacter species that reduce uranium is a promising in situ bioremediation option.Expand
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Complete genome sequence of Ferroglobus placidus AEDII12DO
Ferroglobus placidus belongs to the order Archaeoglobales within the archaeal phylum Euryarchaeota. Strain AEDII12DO is the type strain of the species and was isolated from a shallow marineExpand
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