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Planck 2013 results. I. Overview of products and scientific results
The European Space Agency’s Planck satellite, dedicated to studying the early Universe and its subsequent evolution, was launched 14 May 2009 and has been scanning the microwave and submillimetre sky
Planck 2013 results. XV. CMB power spectra and likelihood
This paper presents the Planck 2013 likelihood, a complete statistical description of the two-point correlation function of the CMB temperature fluctuations that accounts for all known relevant
Encyclopaedia Inflationaris
Abstract. The current flow of high accuracy astrophysical data, among which are the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) measurements by the Planck satellite, offers an unprecedented opportunity to
First CMB Constraints on the Inflationary Reheating Temperature
We present the first Bayesian constraints on the single field inflationary reheating era obtained from cosmic microwave background (CMB) data. After demonstrating that this epoch can be fully
Small-Angle CMB Temperature Anisotropies Induced by Cosmic Strings
We use Nambu-Goto numerical simulations to compute the cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature anisotropies induced at arcminute angular scales by a network of cosmic strings in a
The best inflationary models after Planck
We compute the Bayesian evidence and complexity of 193 slow-roll single-field models of inflation using the Planck 2013 Cosmic Microwave Background data, with the aim of establishing which models are
Inflation after WMAP3: confronting the slow-roll and exact power spectra with CMB data
The implications of the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) third year data for inflation are investigated using both the slow-roll approximation and an exact numerical integration of the
Planck 2013 results. XXV. Searches for cosmic strings and other topological defects
Planck data have been used to provide stringent new constraints on cosmic strings and other defects. We describe forecasts of the CMB power spectrum induced by cosmic strings, calculating these from
A ug 2 00 7 The exact numerical treatment of inflationary models
The precision reached by the recent CMB measurements gives new insights into the shape of the primordial power spectra of the cosmological perturbations. In the context of inflationary cosmology,
Reheating constraints in inflationary magnetogenesis
Among primordial magnetogenesis models, inflation is a prime candidate to explain the current existence of cosmological magnetic fields. Assuming conformal invariance to be restored after inflation,