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TV Viewing and Physical Activity Are Independently Associated with Metabolic Risk in Children: The European Youth Heart Study
Background TV viewing has been linked to metabolic-risk factors in youth. However, it is unclear whether this association is independent of physical activity (PA) and obesity. Methods and Findings WeExpand
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Use of accelerometers in a large field-based study of children: protocols, design issues, and effects on precision.
BACKGROUND Objective methods can improve accuracy of physical activity measurement in field studies but uncertainties remain about their use. METHODS Children age 11 years from the AvonExpand
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Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Fat Mass in a Large Cohort of Children
Background Previous studies have been unable to characterise the association between physical activity and obesity, possibly because most relied on inaccurate measures of physical activity andExpand
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Sedentary behavior and obesity in a large cohort of children.
The purpose of this study was to examine the association between sedentary behavior and obesity among 12-year-old children, while adjusting for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and otherExpand
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Epidemiology of Generalized Joint Laxity (Hypermobility) in Fourteen-Year-Old Children From the UK: A Population-Based Evaluation
Objective Although diagnostic criteria for generalized ligamentous laxity (hypermobility) in children are widely used, their validity may be limited, due to the lack of robust descriptiveExpand
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Physical Activity and Blood Pressure in Childhood: Findings From a Population-Based Study
The pathological processes associated with development of cardiovascular disease begin early in life. For example, elevated blood pressure (BP) can be seen in childhood and tracks into adulthood. TheExpand
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International conference on physical activity and obesity in children: summary statement and recommendations.
The increasing prevalence of obesity among the world's children and youth was the impetus for an international conference convened in Toronto, Canada to examine issues related to physical activityExpand
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Physical activity and cardiovascular risk factors in children
Background A number of recent systematic reviews have resulted in changes in international recommendations for children's participation in physical activity (PA) for health. The World HealthExpand
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The contribution of active travel to children's physical activity levels: cross-sectional results from the ALSPAC study.
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between active travel to school and physical activity (PA) in a large population-based sample of 11-year old children. METHOD Cross-sectional analyses using dataExpand
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Habitual levels of physical activity influence bone mass in 11-year-old children from the United Kingdom: findings from a large population-based cohort.
UNLABELLED We examined the influence of habitual levels of physical activity on bone mass in childhood by studying the relationship between accelerometer recordings and DXA parameters in 4457Expand
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