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Endoscopic exploration of Red Sea coral reefs reveals dense populations of cavity-dwelling sponges
Framework cavities are the largest but least explored coral reef habitat. Previous dive studies of caverns, spaces below plate corals, rubble and artificial cavities suggest that cavity-dwellingExpand
Effect of reef framework and bottom sediment on nutrient enrichment in a coral reef of the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea
Inorganic nutrients and chlorophyll a concentrations were measured bi-weekly in a transect across a coral reef in the Gulf of Aqaba over a period of 1 yr. The nutrient and chlorophyll concentrationsExpand
Collapse of a New Living Species of Giant Clam in the Red Sea
Giant clams are among the most spectacular but also the most endangered marine invertebrates. Their large size and easy accessibility has caused overfishing and collapse of the natural stocks in manyExpand
Swimming Against the Flow: A Mechanism of Zooplankton Aggregation
Zooplankton reside in a constantly flowing environment. However, information about their response to ambient flow has remained elusive, because of the difficulties of following the individual motionsExpand
Rapid Glass Sponge Expansion after Climate-Induced Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
Over 30% of the Antarctic continental shelf is permanently covered by floating ice shelves, providing aphotic conditions for a depauperate fauna sustained by laterally advected food. In much of theExpand
Photosynthetic performance of giant clams, Tridacna maxima and T. squamosa, Red Sea
Two species of giant clams, Tridacna maxima and T. squamosa, coexist in the Red Sea, but exhibit distinctly different depth distributions: T. maxima mostly occurs in shallow waters (reef flat andExpand
The seasonal cycle of the epipelagic mesozooplankton in the northern Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea)
Abstract The abundance and composition of the mesozooplankton were studied in the upper 100 m of the northern Gulf of Aqaba over a period of 22 months between February 2002 and December 2003. TheExpand
Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea
Seawater samples were collected biweekly from the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, for Phytoplankton analysis during the period May 1998 to October 1999. Microscopic counts and HPLC methods wereExpand
The effect of heterotrophy on photosynthesis and tissue composition of two scleractinian corals under elevated temperature
Abstract Exogenous food can increase protein levels of coral host tissue, zooxanthellae densities, chlorophyll (chl) concentrations and rates of photosynthesis and is thought to play an importantExpand