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Gene duplication in an African cichlid adaptive radiation
BackgroundGene duplication is a source of evolutionary innovation and can contribute to the divergence of lineages; however, the relative importance of this process remains to be determined. TheExpand
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Temperature effects on low-light vision in juvenile rockfish (Genus Sebastes) and consequences for habitat utilization
The absolute low-light sensitivity of four congeneric species of rockfish (genus Sebastes) was studied from analysis of electroretinograms measured in living fish. The purpose was: (1) to determineExpand
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Title : A Phylogenetic Index of Cichlid Microsatellites
Microsatellites, or short sequence repeats, abound in most organisms and have proven useful for a range of genetic and genomic studies. Once primers have been created, they can be applied toExpand
Improving Emergency Department ESI Acuity Assignment Using Machine Learning and Clinical Natural Language Processing
We use C-NLP and the latest ML algorithms (KATE) to produce highly accurate ESI predictive models for the triage process and show that KATE is more accurate than the average nurse. Expand
Improving ED Emergency Severity Index Acuity Assignment Using Machine Learning and Clinical Natural Language Processing.
INTRODUCTION Triage is critical to mitigating the effect of increased volume by determining patient acuity, need for resources, and establishing acuity-based patient prioritization. The purpose ofExpand