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The development of a scale to measure medical students' attitudes towards communication skills learning: the Communication Skills Attitude Scale (CSAS)
There is little research identifying medical students' attitudes towards communication skills learning. This pilot study outlines the development of a new scale to measure attitudes towardsExpand
Shedding the cobra effect: problematising thematic emergence, triangulation, saturation and member checking
Qualitative research is widely accepted as a legitimate approach to inquiry in health professions education (HPE). To secure this status, qualitative researchers have developed a variety ofExpand
The relationship between medical students' attitudes towards communication skills learning and their demographic and education‐related characteristics
Introduction  The General Medical Council (GMC) has stressed the importance of medical students' attitudes towards learning. However, few studies have explored medical students' attitudes towardsExpand
Is it me or is it them? Factors that influence the passing of underperforming students
Context  Research has found that clinical assessments do not always accurately reflect medical student performance. Barriers to failing underperformance in students have been identified in otherExpand
Differences in medical students’ explicit discourses of professionalism: acting, representing, becoming
Medical Education 2011; 45: 585–602
Assessment of professionalism: Recommendations from the Ottawa 2010 Conference
Over the past 25 years, professionalism has emerged as a substantive and sustained theme, the operationalization and measurement of which has become a major concern for those involved in medicalExpand
“Over my dead body?”: the influence of demographics on students' willingness to participate in peer physical examination
This study aims to explore quantitatively and qualitatively students' attitudes towards peer physical examination (PPE) and the influence of demographics on students' willingness to participate inExpand
Information Needs and Information-seeking Behaviors of Men With Prostate Cancer and Their Partners: A Review of the Literature
A critical review of the literature was carried out in the United Kingdom to identify the information needs and information-seeking behaviors of men with prostate cancer and their partners. RelevantExpand
Emotional Intelligence Medical Education: Measuring the Unmeasurable?
The construct of emotional intelligence (EI) has gained increasing popularity over the last 10 years and now has a relatively large academic and popular associated literature. EI is beginning to beExpand
Professionalism dilemmas, moral distress and the healthcare student: insights from two online UK-wide questionnaire studies
Objective To understand the prevalence of healthcare students’ witnessing or participating in something that they think unethical (professionalism dilemmas) during workplace learning and examineExpand