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Is there still any Tc mystery in lattice QCD? Results with physical masses in the continuum limit III
The present paper concludes our investigations on the QCD cross-over transition temperatures with 2+1 staggered flavours and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous two studies [Phys.Expand
The QCD equation of state with dynamical quarks
The present paper concludes our investigation on the QCD equation of state with 2 + 1 staggered flavors and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous study [JHEP01 (2006) 089] by choosingExpand
Phases of QCD: lattice thermodynamics and a field theoretical model
We investigate three-color QCD thermodynamics at finite quark chemical potential. Lattice QCD results are compared with a generalized Nambu Jona-Lasinio model in which quarks couple simultaneously toExpand
Polyakov loop, diquarks, and the two-flavor phase diagram
An updated version of the PNJL model is used to study the thermodynamics of N{sub f}=2 quark flavors interacting through chiral four-point couplings and propagating in a homogeneous Polyakov loopExpand
Lattice QCD and heavy ion collisions: a review of recent progress.
  • C. Ratti
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society
  • 20 April 2018
In the last few years, numerical simulations of Quantum chromodynamics on the lattice have reached a new level of accuracy. A wide range of thermodynamic quantities is now available in the continuumExpand
The QCD phase diagram from analytic continuation
Abstract We present the crossover line between the quark gluon plasma and the hadron gas phases for small real chemical potentials. First we determine the effect of imaginary values of the chemicalExpand
QCD Crossover at Finite Chemical Potential from Lattice Simulations.
We provide the most accurate results for the QCD transition line so far. We optimize the definition of the crossover temperature T_{c}, allowing for its very precise determination, and extrapolateExpand
Fluctuations of conserved charges at finite temperature from lattice QCD
A bstractWe present the full results of the Wuppertal-Budapest lattice QCD collaboration on flavor diagonal and non-diagonal quark number susceptibilities with 2 + 1 staggered quark flavors, in aExpand
Thermodynamics of two-color QCD and the Nambu Jona-Lasinio model
We investigate two-flavor and two-color QCD at finite temperature and chemical potential in comparison with a corresponding Nambu and Jona-Lasinio model. By minimizing the thermodynamic potential ofExpand
Freeze-out conditions from net-proton and net-charge fluctuations at RHIC
Abstract We calculate ratios of higher-order susceptibilities quantifying fluctuations in the number of net-protons and in the net-electric charge using the Hadron Resonance Gas (HRG) model. We takeExpand