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Knowledge and liberation in classical Indian thought
Introduction Bhatta Mimamsa: Action, the Sacred Texts and the End of Action Nyaya: Suffering, Detachment and Peace Yogacara-Madhyamika: Conceptualisation, Insight and Pure Cognition Advaita: RadicalExpand
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Knowledge and Action I: Means to the Human End in Bhātta Mīmāmsā and Advaita Vedānta
L'A. traite du debat qui se deroule, dans les traditions brahmaniques classiques, entre les Mīmāmsakas et les Advaitins concernant la liberation et les moyens pour y parvenir. Dans ce premierExpand
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A Classical Indian Philosophical Perspective on Ageing and the Meaning of Life
Indian thought conceives of life in four normative stages: of student, householder, forest-dweller and renouncer. A metaphysical theory related to the conception of life-stages is that of the ends orExpand
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Occurrence, fate and removal of emerging contaminates in a hybrid constructed wetland treating greywater
Emerging contaminants (ECs) are chemicals that are discovered or detected recently in the water and wastewater systems and are often considered as endocrine disruptors. ECs are one of the mainExpand
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A Comparative Treatment of the Paradox of Confirmation
Many years ago, Bimal Matilal (1986) noted (as, for some twenty-five years, he did in many other instances), an interesting parallel between classical Indian and contemporary western philosophy inExpand
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Divine self, human self : the philosophy of being in two Gītā commentaries
Preface Introduction 1. The ground of being/non-being, and the divine self: Sa?kara on brahman and K???a 2. Being and the God other than being: Ramanuja on brahman and K???a 3. A comparative study ofExpand
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Knowledge and the ‘real’ world: Śrī Har $$\underset{\raise0.3em\hbox{$\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\cdot}$}}{s} $$ a and thePramā $$\underset{\raise0.3em\hbox{$\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\cdot}$}}{n} $$ as
ConclusionsThe section we have examined is a persuasive and sustained demolition of the realist strategy of deriving an invariable concomitance between the existenthood of the world and the system ofExpand
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