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Introducing ACLED: An Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset
This article presents ACLED, an Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset. ACLED codes the actions of rebels, governments, and militias within unstable states, specifying the exact location and date
At War’s End: Building Peace After Civil Conflict
of distinguished and rather senior economists – makes at the end of the book. Their priorities tend to be quick-fixes of problems that might, at least partly, be caused by some other challenge. More
Come rain or shine: An analysis of conflict and climate variability in East Africa
Previous research on environment and security has contested the existence, nature and significance of a climate driver of conflict. In this study, we have focused on small-scale conflict over East
Political Marginalization, Climate Change, and Conflict in African Sahel States
This article discusses the probability of increased communal conflict in African states due to the “political vulnerability” of groups to climate change. From an initial examination of communal
Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration and Conflict
This paper has been commissioned by the World Bank Group for the "Social Dimensions of Climate Change" workshop. Views represented are those of the authors, and do not represent an official position
Political hierarchies and landscapes of conflict across Africa
Almost all African states experience substantial and widespread political insecurity in a variety of forms. This analysis explains how relationships between groups and governments create incentives
Urban Violence Patterns Across African States
This analysis of urban political violence across Africa considers why the proportion and frequency of conflict is increasing in urban areas while decreasing in rural areas. The decline of formally