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The theory and practice of translation
The Theory and Practice of Translation, first published in 1982 and a companion work to Toward a Science of Translating (Brill, 1964), analyses and describes the set of processes involved in translating. Expand
Dynamic Equivalence and Its Daughters : Placing Bible Translation Theories in Their Historical Context
The Bible translation theory called “dynamic equivalence” from the middle of the twentieth century was more than what may be called the first definable theory of Bible translation. Indirectly orExpand
Exegesis and Linguistics
Missiology and the Bible
E V E R SINCE THERE has been a recognized canon of Scripture, and even before, the church has viewed its mission to evangelize non-Christian peoples as rooted in the Bible. Since the earliestExpand
Forty Years of Missionary Research
F orty years ago a repatriated missionary from China launched this journal in New York City as the Occasional Bulletin from the Missionary Research Library. The first issue, a six­ teen-pageExpand
The Big Picture: Mission Bibliography
I n the world of scholarship, there's nothing like a good bibliography to give the big picture. In our July 1994 is­ sue Charles Forman noted almost 150 titles in his bibliographic essay on PacificExpand