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Environmental neurotoxic pollutants: review
Environmental pollutants are recognized as one of the major concerns for public health and responsible for various forms of neurological disorders. Some of the common sources of environmentalExpand
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Norharmane as a potential chemical entity for development of anticancer drugs.
Cancer is a leading cause of death generally, and to overcome this problem the introduction of a new drug developing is a continuous endeavour. An alkaloid, norharmane and its derivatives, which haveExpand
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Nornostocine congeners as potential anticancer drugs: An overview
The naturally occurring phyco‐constituent nostocine A, bearing the pyrazolotriazine scaffold in its structural frame, belongs to an organic class of pharmacologically curious candidates with aExpand
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Biogenic silver nanoparticle synthesis with cyanobacterium Chroococcus minutus isolated from Baliharachandi sea-mouth, Odisha, and in vitro antibacterial activity
The burden from microbial diseases has to be addressed in an increasing pace due to multidrug resistance, causing clinical annoyance, globally. Indeed, employing eco-friendly approaches by greenExpand
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Molecular dynamics and computational study of Mannich-based coumarin derivatives: potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor
Abstract The manifestation of bacterial UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) has been predominantly endemic, globally; eventually, the development of new UTI antibacterial agent(s) remains the call of theExpand
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Isolation, biosynthesis and antimicrobial activity of gold nanoparticles produced with extracts of Anabaena spiroides
Multidrug-resistant (MDR) pathogenic bacteria have become dangerous in bringing sporadic outbreaks in public health and nosocomial spreads from the addition of antibacterials/antibiotics continually.Expand
Bio-synthesis of silver nanoparticles with the brackish water blue-green alga Oscillatoria princeps and antibacterial assessment
This study describes the morphology of a filamentous non-heterocystous blue-green alga (cyanobacterium) Oscillatoria princeps isolated from the Bhabakundalswara sea mouth, its use in biogenicExpand
Nostocine A Derivatives as Human DNA Topoisomerase II-alpha Inhibitor
Introduction: Due to heavy morbidity and mortality from cancer, the designing of newer drugable molecules against breast cancer is the call of day. As, Schiff-base sulfonamides have been widely usedExpand
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