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Conceptual and Historical Reflections on Chance (and Related Concepts)
In everyday language, the use of such words as “chance,” “coincidence,” “luck,” “fortune” or “randomness” strongly overlap. In fact, in some languages, such as German, they coincide in one wordExpand
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Infinite Degrees of Speed Marin Mersenne and the Debate Over Galileo's Law of Free Fall
This article analyzes the evolution of Mersenne's views concerning the validity of Galileo's theory of acceleration. After publishing, in 1634, a treatise designed to present empirical evidence inExpand
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Galileo's Theories of Free Fall and Projectile Motion as Interpreted by Pierre Gassendi
In October 1640, Pierre Gassendi left the port of Marseilles on a trireme with the intention of carrying out on the open sea an experiment that Galileo had described in the Dialogo sopra i dueExpand
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The Composition of Space, Time and Matter According to Isaac Newton and John Keill
In his Mathematical Lectures, read at the University of Cambridge between 1664 and 1666, Isaac Barrow, Lucasian professor of mathematics, criticized “those who would have magnitude constituted of aExpand
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'Galileo's Use of Medieval Thought Experiments'
Kant's writings abound in thought experiments of various kinds, providing premises of arguments, or developing arguments that constitute parts of a lengthy line of reasoning. A proper account ofExpand
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Space, Imagination and the Cosmos in the Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence
The famous correspondence between Leibniz and Clarke deals with fundamental physical and metaphysical questions, such as the soul-body interaction, the freedom of will, the composition of matter, theExpand
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Two Jesuit Responses to Galileo's Science of Motion: Honoré Fabri and Pierre Le Cazre
Between 1650 and 1651, a special commission appointed by the Ninth General Congregation of the Jesuit Order drew up a list of “Propositiones, quae in scholis societatis non sunt docendae” to beExpand
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