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Tilorone: Its Selective Effects on Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immunity 1
Summary We have shown selective activity of tilorone with regard to humoral and cell-mediated responses. The compound enhanced antibody production as shown by an increase in IgM and IgGExpand
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The uptake of a substituted acridone by rat mast cells in relationship to histamine release: a possible indicator of exocytosis-induced expansion of the plasma membrane.
A substituted acridone, 10-(2-dimethylaminopropyl)-9-acridone HCl (M-129), was taken up by isolated rat peritoneal and pleural mast cells in direct relationship to the degree of selective histamineExpand
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The objective and timing of drug disposition studies, appendix V. A comparison of the bioavailability of three dosage forms of terfenadine.
Antagonistic effect against histamine-induced wheals was used to evaluate the bioavailability of terfenadine in monkeys. A rapidly dissolving tablet formulation of terfenadine shows essentiallyExpand
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Comparisons of Ketoconazole, PR 969‐566, PR 967‐234, and PR 967‐248 as Antifungals in Vitro and in the Rat Model of Candidal Vaginitis based on Efficacy/Safety Profiles a
Critical factors in the rational development of new antifungal drugs are standardized, quantitative, and coordinated approaches involving chemical discovery, preclinical evaluations, and comparisonsExpand
Substituted 5‐Phenoxyalkyl‐3‐phenyl‐3‐(1H‐imidazol‐1‐ylmethyl)‐2‐methylisoxazolidines
Substituted 5-(phenoxyalkyl)-3-phenyl-3-(1H-imidazol-1-ylmethyl)-2-methylisoxazolidines, in which hydrogens of their benzene rings may be replaced by halogen, lower alkoxy, lower alkyl, nitro,Expand
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