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A study of the low temperature oxidation of coal
The low-temperature (25–140°C) oxidation rate of a single coal was measured in a number of ways. The major technique used was to follow the temperature-time history of a sample in a well-insulatedExpand
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The analysis of speckle and texture in medical ultrasonics
A basic assumption of 'ultrasonic tissue characterization' is that quantitation of the interactions between ultrasound and tissue will provide information which is more tissue specific than thatExpand
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Nonionizing radiation protection. Ultrasound.
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CO2 Carbon Dioxide CO Carbon Monoxide o CA Degree Crank angle °C Degree Centigrade N Engine speed g Gram Q Heat release K Kelvin kg Kilogram g/ kW h Gram/ kilo watts hour kW Kilowatts J Joules mfExpand
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