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Identification of the domestic mite fauna of Puerto Rico.
This study was conducted to identify the domestic mite fauna of Puerto Rico. A total of 57 dust samples were collected from mattresses in homes of 11 cities on the Island. The analysis of the samplesExpand
Detection of serine proteases in extracts of the domestic mite Blomia tropicalis
Previous studies have shown that the domestic mites Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D. farinae contain allergens with serine protease activity. These proteolytic allergens include trypsin,Expand
Prevalence of skin reactions to aeroallergens in asthmatics of Puerto Rico.
In Puerto Rico, although a high prevalence of asthma has been reported, the sensitization rates to aeroallergens in these patients is unknown. The purpose of this study using a case control design,Expand
Comparison of mitogenic responses of young and old rhesus monkey T cells to lectins and interleukins 2 and 4.
Purified T cells from rhesus monkeys, like human T cells, do not show a significant mitogenic response to lectins or PMA, but when combined with PMA or accessory cells, PHA and Con A induce aExpand
Comparative mitogenic response of old and young rhesus monkey T cells to lectin from Erythrina cristagalli.
The lectin (EC) from the coral tree, E. cristagalli, while less mitogenic on a molar or weight basis than PHA or ConA, strongly activates both Rhesus monkey and human T cells. The optimal mitogenicExpand
Inhibition of T cell mitogenesis by nitrofurans.
A group of nitrofurans (5-nitro-2-furaldehyde, nifuroxime, nitrofurazone, nitrofurantoin, 5-nitro-2-furoic acid and 2-nitrofuran) were evaluated for inhibition of mitogenesis (DNA synthesis) in humanExpand
Determination of hexavalent chromium in leather by ion-exchange chromatography
The determination of traces of hexavalent chromium in leather and in leather consumer goods is carried out by ion-exchange chromatography. Samples are extracted at pH7.5-8 with a phosphate buffer,Expand