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A new definition of the genus Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae)
It is shown here that the (6-7) species of Lagarosolen, the monotypic Dolicholoma, a few species of Didymocarpus, and a number of new species that have recently been published (but not formally described) under Petrocodon and LagarOSolen should be included in this genus.
Generic recircumscription in the Loxocarpinae (Gesneriaceae), as inferred by phylogenetic and morphological data
The most up-to-date phylogeny of the Loxocarpinae is presented, covering all the genera known to belong to the group, based on Bayesian Inference and Parsimony of the nuclear ITS and the plastid regions trnL-trnF (intron 17 and spacer) and ndhFtrnL (spacers).
Chayamaritia (Gesneriaceae: Didymocarpoideae), a new genus from Southeast Asia
Based on a phylogenetic analysis of Asian Gesneriaceae with the most comprehensive coverage at the genus level to date, the new genus Chayamaritia is established and described in subfamily
New insights into the relationships between Paraboea, Trisepalum, and Phylloboea (Gesneriaceae) and their taxonomic consequences
The phylogeny presented here will provide a valuable framework for future biogeographic and comparative studies in Gesneriaceae and ensure that Paraboea has been conserved against Phylloboea and Trisepalum.
A revision of Middletonia (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand
The genus Middletonia in Thailand is revised, including the newly described MiddletonIA glebosa C.Puglisi and the resurrected M. reticulata (Barnett) C. pugLisi, which are recognised as new species.
A revision of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand
(Gesneriaceae: Didymocarpoideae) in Thailand is revised and 29 species are recognised, two of which have three varieties each and many are illustrated.
Oreocharis × heterandra (Gesneriaceae): a natural hybrid from the Shengtangshan Mountains, Guangxi, China
Macro- and micro-morphological characters, molecular nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer and chloroplast trn L-F intron-spacer data confirmed the hybrid status of Oreocharis × heterandra and showed that chromosome translocations, not dysploid or ploidy level changes, are the cause of the high hybrid sterility.
Five new species of Henckelia (Gesneriaceae) from Myanmar and Thailand
Five new species of Henckelia are described, two from Myanmar: Henckelia campanuliflora and H. candida, and the others from Thailand: H. amplexifolia, H. nakianensis and H. dasycalyx. A key to the 1
Two new species and a new variety of Ornithoboea maxwellii var.