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Antifouling paints based on marine natural products from Colombian Caribbean
This study investigated the antifouling activity of organic extracts from some epibiont-free Colombian Caribbean Sea sponges and a sea-cucumber and found significant differences in fouling cover percentages between painted panels and controls were found.
Fuscoside E: A Strong Antiinflammatory Diterpene from Caribbean Octocoral Eunicea fusca.
A new diterpene, fuscoside E (I), is isolated along with two known fuscosides, (+)-germacrene and a mixture of six known sterols from the Caribbean octocoral Eunicea fusca. The new diterpene (I) and
Fuscoside E: a strong anti-inflammatory diterpene from Caribbean octocoral Eunicea fusca.
The screen of 10 soft coral extracts collected from the Colombian Caribbean Sea in the TPA-induced ear edema model allowed us to identify Eunicea fusca extract among others as an interesting source
Anti-fouling Paints Based on Extracts of Marine Organisms from The Colombian Caribbean
This work evaluated the behavior of anti-fouling paints based on extracts from marine invertebrates in the Colombian Caribbean, representing important progress toward using natural compounds incontrolling encrustations.
Melanoma: clinical-pathological and molecular analysis in patients of Ibague city, Colombia
There was a higher frequency of melanoma in women, V600E BRAF mutation was present in patients with advanced disease (high Breslow index) and, the probability of five-year survival was less than 40%.
Anti-fouling Paints Based on Extracts of Marine 2UJDQLVPVIURPW KH&RORPELDQ&DU LEEHDQ
Habitually, control of biological fouling includes application of paints containing toxic substances that end up contaminating marine ecosystem. Many organisms prevent settlement of other species
Iso lat ion of Kenaf for Seed Increase '
K E N A F (Hibiscus camabims L.) has complete flowers, similar to those of cotton, with many anthers borne on a staminal column adnate to the pistil. The nature of the pollen is such that wind is not