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World Checklist of Myrtaceae
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Myrteae phylogeny, calibration, biogeography and diversification patterns: Increased understanding in the most species rich tribe of Myrtaceae.
Myrteae (c. 2500 species; 51 genera) is the largest tribe of Myrtaceae and an ecologically important groups of angiosperms in the Neotropics. Systematic relationships in Myrteae are complex,Expand
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Phytogeographic patterns of Mimosa (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) in the Cerrado biome of Brazil: an indicator genus of high-altitude centers of endemism?
Abstract The objective of this study was to elucidate phytogeographic patterns of Mimosa in the Cerrado biome and assess their usefulness in conservation. We recorded 189 species of Mimosa, 74%Expand
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A revision of Siphoneugena Berg.
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Reproductive biology of eight sympatric Myrtaceae from Central Brazil
summary Eight species of Brazilian Myrtaceae were studied for their flowering phenology, pollination biology, breeding system and fruiting success: Eugenia dysenteries, Siphoneugena densiflora,Expand
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Floristic characterization of an Atlantic Rainforest remnant in Southern Sergipe: Crasto forest
O estado de Sergipe sofreu extrema reducao da area de Mata Atlântica nas ultimas decadas. Este trabalho tem como objetivo inventariar a composicao floristica da Mata do Crasto, maior remanescente deExpand
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Two new synonyms and a species reinstated in Phoradendron Nuttall (Viscaceae)
Three taxonomic changes are proposed based on intensive collecting of Viscaceae within the Distrito Federal, Brazil. Phoradendron andersonii Rizzini, previously a synonym of P. perrottetii (DC.)Expand
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