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The invariant theory of n × n matrices
Wonderful models of subspace arrangements
The motivation stems from our attempt to understand Drinfeld's construction (el. [Dr2]) of special solutions of the Khniznik-Zamolodchikov equation (of. [K-Z]) with some prescribed asymptoticExpand
On certain graded Sn-modules and the q-Kostka polynomials
Abstract We derive here a number of properties of the q-Kostka polynomials K λ , μ ( q ). In particular we obtain a very accessible proof that these polynomials have non-negative integerExpand
A characteristic free approach to invariant theory
In this paper we treat that portion of classical invariant theory which goes under the name of "first" and "second" fundamental theorem for the classical groups, in a characteristic free way, i.e.,Expand
On the geometry of conjugacy classes in classical groups
SummaryWe study closures of conjugacy classes in the Lie algebras of the orthogonal and symplectic groups and determine which ones are normal varieties. Furthermore we give a complete classificationExpand
Lie Groups: An Approach through Invariants and Representations
General Methods and Ideas.- Symmetric Functions.- Theory of Algebraic Forms.- Lie Algebras and lie Groups.- Tensor Algebra.- Semisimple Algebras.- Algebraic Groups.- Group Representations.- TensorExpand
Some quantum analogues of solvable Lie groups
In this paper we analyze the structure of some subalgebras of quantized enveloping algebras corresponding to unipotent and solvable subgroups of a simple Lie group G. These algebras have theExpand
Moduli spaces of curves and representation theory
AbstractWe establish a canonical isomorphism between the second cohomology of the Lie algebra of regular differential operators on ℂx of degree ≦1, and the second singular cohomology of the moduliExpand
On the geometry of toric arrangements
AbstractMotivated by the counting formulas of integral polytopes, as in Brion and Vergne, and Szenes and Vergne, we start to form the foundations of a theory for toric arrangements, which may beExpand