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Physico-Chemical Method of Preserving Sucrose in Harvested Sugarcane at High Ambient Temperature in a Sub-Tropical Climate
Sugarcane in subtropical areas is harvested under a wide array of temperatures, grading from 8 to 42°C. The crushing of harvested cane is often delayed for longer than 72 h leading to a steep declineExpand
An assessment of postharvest sucrose losses in sugarcane billets under sub-tropical conditions.
In sub-tropical India, whole-stalk green cane is manually harvested but, in spite of this practice, sucrose losses after harvest are enormous. The existing laws and cane supply regulations lead toExpand
Sucrose loss and change in enzymes activities in harvested stored cane at high ambient temperature
A study undertaken to access the magnitude of post-harvest sucrose loss and its relationship with two enzymes viz. invertase and dextransucrase during late millings season showed appreciableExpand
Post-harvest deterioration of sugarcane and chemical methods to minimize sucrose losses
Sucrose losses after the harvest of sugarcane and (luring subsequent milling operation are one of the most serious problems in many sugar processing units in sub-tropical India. The field losses inExpand
Time-Course Expression of Soluble Acid Invertase (SAI) Gene Mirroring Post-Harvest Cane Quality Deterioration: Effective Treatments Cause Reduction of SAI Gene Expression
Sugarcane is a crop valued mainly for the high sucrose content in its cane stalks. Since sucrose is the most essential part of commercial cane sugar (CCS), it automatically becomes the top priorityExpand
Post-harvest deterioration of sugarcane and its relationship with the activities of invertase and dextransucrase during late-crushing season in sub-tropics
Sugar losses after harvest is one of the major problems of sugar processing units in many countries especially where milling is extended during a period of high ambient temperature. A studyExpand
Minimization of post-harvest sucrose losses in drought affected sugarcane using chemical formulation
Sugarcane is a significant crop for production of sugar and ethanol in the world. In present perspective, drought is one of the frequently occurring abiotic stresses hampering the productivity ofExpand
Deterioration of fresh and stale cane juice at high ambient temperature in relation to expression of invertases and the growth of Leuconostoc sp
In sub tropical India, sucrose losses from sugarcane after harvest is enormous resulting in low sugar recovery. Sugarcane variety CoSe 92423 was selected to assess the post-harvest quality lossesExpand
Morphological assessment of water stressed sugarcane: A comparison of waterlogged and drought affected crop
Abiotic stress is recurrent occurring problem for sugarcane crop in terms of hindrance in achieving good and high production. In India, drought coverage is 2.97 lakh ha while 2.5 lakh ha underExpand