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Effects of atmospheric environment, before and after treatment, on the toxicity to insects of contact poisons.
Experiments were made on the effect of conditions before and after treatment on the toxicity to adult Tribolium castaneum Hbst. of the following contact poisons in the media stated: (i) pyrethrins,Expand
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The structure and development of a polyhedral virus affecting the moth larva, Pterolocera amplicornis.
Thin sections of nuclei of the larvae of the pasture caterpillar Pterolocera amplicornis infected with a polyhedral virus disease have revealed details of the structure of the virus and of some ofExpand
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The tubal factor.
  • C. Potter
  • Medicine
  • Rhode Island medical journal
  • 31 October 1951
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Design of the Accelerating Structures for FMIT
Design considerations and concepts are presented for the accelerating structures for the Fusion Materials Irradiation Test (FMIT) Facility. These structures consist of three major units: a 0.1- toExpand
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Annona species as insecticides.
By extraction and precipitation from several solvents the toxic principle present in Annona reticulata and A. squamosa seeds and roots has been concentrated up to one hundred-fold. A preliminaryExpand
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High-Energy Beam Transport in the Hanford FMIT Linear Accelerator
The High-Energy Beam Transport (HEBT) for the Hanford Fusion Materials Irradiation Test (FMIT) Facility's Linear Accelerator must transport a large emittance, high-current, high-power continuous dutyExpand
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A polyhedral virus disease of a pasture caterpillar, Pterolocera amplicornis Walker (Anthelidae).
A new virus of the genus Borrelfna, causing a polyhedral disease in larvae of the anthelid moth Pterolocera amplicomis, is described. The polyhedral bodies are small and unusually resistant toExpand
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Optical Scanning Techniques for Semiconductor Device Screening and Identification of Surface and Junction Phenomena
The electrical response of semiconductor devices to light can be used to study various device phenomena and to identify the causes of anomalous device behavior. To implement such a study, a flyingExpand
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All-refractory Josephson logic circuits
A process for the fabrication of Josephson integrated circuits is described which uses only refractory materials and five photolithographic steps to produce circuits of the direct-coupled isolation type. Expand
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