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General nonextremal rotating black holes in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity.
The general solution for nonextremal charged rotating black holes in five-dimensional minimal gauged supergravity is constructed, and it is shown how supersymmetric solutions arise in a Bogomol'nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield limit.
New Einstein-Sasaki spaces in five and higher dimensions.
We obtain infinite classes of new Einstein-Sasaki metrics on complete and nonsingular manifolds. They arise, after Euclideanization, from BPS limits of the rotating Kerr-de Sitter black hole metrics.
General Kerr–NUT–AdS metrics in all dimensions
The Kerr–AdS metric in dimension D has cohomogeneity [D/2]; the metric components depend on the radial coordinate r and [D/2] latitude variables μi that are subject to the constraint ∑iμ2i = 1. We
Consistent Kaluza-Klein sphere reductions
We study the circumstances under which a Kaluza-Klein reduction on an n-sphere, with a massless truncation that includes all the Yang-Mills fields of $\mathrm{SO}(n+1),$ can be consistent at the full
Critical gravity in four dimensions.
The critical theory may be viewed as a four-dimensional analogue of chiral topologically massive gravity, or of critical "new massive gravity" with a cosmological constant, in three dimensions, and find that the on-shell energy for the remaining massless gravitons vanishes.
Solutions to horava gravity.
The full set of equations of motion is derived, and then spherically symmetric solutions are obtained and discussed and their properties are discussed.