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Embedding AdS Black Holes in Ten and Eleven Dimensions
Abstract We construct the non-linear Kaluza-Klein ansatze describing the embeddings of the U (1) 3 , U (1) 4 and U (1) 2 truncations of D = 5, D = 4 and D = 7 gauged supergravities into the type IIBExpand
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Kaluza-Klein Supergravity
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Dualisation of dualities
We analyse the global (rigid) symmetries that are realised on the bosonic fields of the various supergravity actions obtained from eleven-dimensional supergravity by toroidal compactificationExpand
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General Kerr–NUT–AdS metrics in all dimensions
The Kerr–AdS metric in dimension D has cohomogeneity [D/2]; the metric components depend on the radial coordinate r and [D/2] latitude variables μi that are subject to the constraint ∑iμ2i = 1. WeExpand
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General nonextremal rotating black holes in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity.
We construct the general solution for nonextremal charged rotating black holes in five-dimensional minimal gauged supergravity. They are characterized by four nontrivial parameters: namely, the mass,Expand
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New Einstein-Sasaki spaces in five and higher dimensions.
We obtain infinite classes of new Einstein-Sasaki metrics on complete and nonsingular manifolds. They arise, after Euclideanization, from BPS limits of the rotating Kerr-de Sitter black hole metrics.Expand
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Critical gravity in four dimensions.
  • H. Lü, C. Pope
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  • Physical review letters
  • 10 January 2011
We study four-dimensional gravity theories that are rendered renormalizable by the inclusion of curvature-squared terms to the usual Einstein action with a cosmological constant. By choosing theExpand
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Consistent Kaluza-Klein sphere reductions
We study the circumstances under which a Kaluza-Klein reduction on an n-sphere, with a massless truncation that includes all the Yang-Mills fields of $\mathrm{SO}(n+1),$ can be consistent at the fullExpand
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Ricci-Flat Metrics, Harmonic Forms and Brane Resolutions
Abstract: We discuss the geometry and topology of the complete, non-compact, Ricci-flat Stenzel metric, on the tangent bundle of Sn+1. We obtain explicit results for all the metrics, and show howExpand
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The General Kerr-de Sitter metrics in all dimensions
We give the general Kerr–de Sitter metric in arbitrary space–time dimension D≥4, with the maximal number [(D−1)/2] of independent rotation parameters. We obtain the metric in Kerr–Schild form, whereExpand
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