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Infrared observations of the saturnian system from voyager 1.
During the passage of Voyager 1 through the Saturn system, the infrared instrument acquired spectral and radiometric data on Saturn, the rings, and Titan and other satellites, implying a depletion of helium in the atmosphere of Saturn relative to that of Jupiter.
Evidence for Extraterrestrial Amino-acids and Hydrocarbons in the Murchison Meteorite
Organic molecules found in meteorites seem to have been formed before the meteorites reached Earth, according to new research.
Identification of gaseous SO2 and new upper limits for other gases on Io
Gaseous SO2 has been identified on Io. The estimated abundance of 0.2 cm atm is consistent with an atmosphere in equilibrium with solid SO2 at the local surface equilibrium temperature. Preliminary
Heterocyclic Compounds indigenous to the Murchison Meteorite
A search for heterocyclic compounds using a sample of the Murchison meteorite, a type II carbonaceous chondrite, found 4-hydroxypyrimidine and two of its methyl substituted isomers but did not find any purines or triazines.
Clay and the origin of life
Research concerning the possible role of clay in chemical evolution is reviewed. The probable importance of clays in the origin of life is assessed.
Infrared Observations of the Saturnian System from Voyager 2
During the passage of Voyager 2 through the Saturn system, infrared spectral and radiometric data were obtained for Saturn, Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, Iapetus, and the rings, suggesting an approximate symmetry in the small-scale structure.
studies of the origin of life on Earth, since the environment in which the critical early steps in this process occurred may have been very similar to present conditions in the atmosphere of Jupiter
Model for Origin of Monosaccharides
Formaldehyde, alumina and two naturally occurring aluminosilicates, kaolinite and illite, were refluxed with an aqueous solution of formaldehyde to provide the basis for a model for the primordial origin of monosaccharides.
Formation of Adenosine by Ultra-violet Irradiation of a Solution of Adenine and Ribose
It is conceivable that the proteins and the nucleic acids, or at least their precursors, appeared at a very early stage in the evolution of this planet.
Chemical Evolution: Physics of the Origin and Evolution of Life
This book discusses the origins of Eukaryogenesis, the search for life in the Universe, and the development of Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Open Systems in the Computational Paradigm.