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Infrared observations of the saturnian system from voyager 1.
During the passage of Voyager 1 through the Saturn system, the infrared instrument acquired spectral and radiometric data on Saturn, the rings, and Titan and other satellites. Infrared spectra ofExpand
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Infrared Observations of the Saturnian System from Voyager 2
During the passage of Voyager 2 through the Saturn system, infrared spectral and radiometric data were obtained for Saturn, Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, Iapetus, and the rings. Combined Voyager 1 andExpand
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Amino acids in the Yamato carbonaceous chondrite from Antarctica
More than one thousand pieces of meteorites have been discovered recently in Antarctica1–4 which were preserved in the Antarctic Ice Sheet since their fall and were brought out on to the surface ofExpand
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Clay and the origin of life
Research concerning the possible role of clay in chemical evolution is reviewed. The probable importance of clays in the origin of life is assessed.
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Nonprotein amino acids in the murchison meteorite.
Twelve nonprotein amino acids appear to be present in the Murchison meteorite. The identity of eight of them has been conclusively established as N-methylglycine, beta-alanine, 2-methylalanine,Expand
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The possibility of the synthesis of heterocyclic bases from mixtures of primitive gases was investigated. Results are reported on the synthesis of adenine by electron irradiation of a mixture ofExpand
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Prebiotic porphyrin genesis: porphyrins from electric discharge in methane, ammonia, and water vapor.
Prebiotic genesis of porphyrin synthesized under electric discharge conditions in methane ammonia water systems
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Amino Acids Indigenous to the Murray Meteorite
Analysis of the Murray meteorite, a type II carbonaceous chondrite, has led to the identification of 17 amino acids. For seven of the amino acids nearly equal amounts of the D and L isomers areExpand
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The radiation decomposition of adenine.
The radiolysis of 0.1% solutions of adenine in water leads to the formation of two major products: 4,6-diamino-5formamidopyrimidine and 8- hydroxyadenine. The two compounds account for about 80% ofExpand
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Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Murchison Meteorite
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in the Murchison meteorite have been identified by the combined techniques of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The distribution of the aromatic compoundsExpand
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