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A discovery-phase urine proteomics investigation in type 1 diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease which can lead to serious health problems particularly in and to the development of cardiovascular and renal complications. The aim of this study is toExpand
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Proteomics of inflammatory and oxidative stress response in cows with subclinical and clinical mastitis.
Cow serum proteome was evaluated by three different complementary approaches in the control group, subclinical and clinical mastitis in order to possibly find differential protein expression usefulExpand
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Comparative proteomics to evaluate multi drug resistance in Escherichia coli.
Drug resistance in food-borne bacterial pathogens is an almost inevitable consequence of the use of antimicrobial drugs, used either therapeutically or to avoid infections in food-producing animals.Expand
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Differential protein profile in sexed bovine semen: shotgun proteomics investigation.
The preparation of sexed semen is based on the differential DNA content between the X and Y chromosome bearing sperm cells determined by fluorescence-activated cell sorting. In spite of its intrinsicExpand
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Serum protein profiling of early and advanced stage Crohn's disease
Abstract Crohn's disease (CD) represents a highly debilitating disease of difficult diagnosis and increasing incidence. Serum protein profiling of early stage Crohn's disease (ES) CD was investigatedExpand
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Direct analytical sample quality assessment for biomarker investigation: qualifying cerebrospinal fluid samples.
Measurement of biochemical markers represents an important aid to clinicians in the early diagnosis and prognosis of neurological diseases. Many factors can contribute to increase the chances that aExpand
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Proteomics in Milk and Dairy Products
Milk from different animal species is a valuable source of proteins and other nutrients for human consumption. Its dynamic range of proteoforms among animal species provides different nutritionalExpand
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Precision medicine in cow's milk allergy: proteomics perspectives from allergens to patients.
Cow's milk allergy (CMA) is one of the most common food allergies, especially during childhood. CMA is an immunological mediated adverse reaction to one or more cow's milk proteins, which areExpand
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Unravelling the bull fertility proteome.
In the last few decades a negative association between the level of milk production and fertility has been observed. Currently, the most utilized method of measuring male fertility employed by theExpand
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Proteomics in food: Quality, safety, microbes, and allergens.
Food safety and quality and their associated risks pose a major concern worldwide regarding not only the relative economical losses but also the potential danger to consumer's health. Customer'sExpand
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