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"Photos of the Gods" : the printed image and political struggle in India
'Photos of the Gods' is a comprehensive history of India's popular visual culture. Combining anthropology, political and cultural history, and the study of aesthetic systems, and using manyExpand
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Things Happen: Or, From Which Moment Does that Object Come?
A collection of essays rethinking the current uses of material culture study in anthropology, including engagements with art, science, and technology. "This is first-class scholarship: lively,Expand
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Pleasure and the nation: the history, politics and consumption of public culture in India
Book description: This book addresses aspects of popular/public culture in a manner that connects with contemporary political controversy i.e. liberalization, Hinduvata, etc. This volume concentratesExpand
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The Coming of Photography in India
Though photography reaches back as far as the sixteenth-century's camera obscura projects, it wasn't until the British colonial period that amateur photographers introduced their technology to theExpand
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Beyond aesthetics: Art and the technologies of enchantment
The anthropology of art is currently at a crossroads. Although well versed in the meaning of art in small-scale tribal societies, anthropologists are still wrestling with the question of how toExpand
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The prosthetic eye: photography as cure and poison
Much discussion of photography's relation to 'evidence' insists on imprisoning it within a dichotomy of 'truth' and ' falsehood'. The narrative developed here combines a Peircean assumptionExpand
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Photography and Anthropology
Photography and anthropology share strikingly parallel histories. Christopher Pinney's provocative and eminently readable account provides a polemical narrative of anthropologists' use of photographyExpand
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Colonialism and Culture
Addressed to academics and advanced students in all fields of the social sciences and humanities, this Handbook is at once a synthesis of advances in the field, with a comprehensive coverage of theExpand
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