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Deconvolution of mineral absorption bands: An improved approach
Although visible and near-infrared reflectance spectra contain absorption bands that are characteristic of the composition and structure of the absorbing species, deconvolving a complex spectrum isExpand
Infrared Spectroscopic Analyses on the Nature of Water in Montmorillonite
Interlayer cations and moisture content greatly influence the molecular vibrations of H2O in montmorillonite as shown through reflectance spectroscopy in the infrared. The absorptions due to H2O haveExpand
Spectroscopy of synthetic Mg-Fe pyroxenes I: Spin-allowed and spin-forbidden crystal field bands in the visible and near-infrared
Understanding the fundamental crystal chemical controls on visible and near-infrared reflectance spectra of pyroxenes is critical to quantitatively assessing the mineral chemistry of pyroxenes viewedExpand
Mineralogy of the lunar crust: Results from Clementine
(Received 1997 December 5; accepted in revised form 1998 September 15) Abstract-The central peaks of 109 impact craters across the Moon are examined with Clementine ultraviolet-visible (UVVIS) cameraExpand
Strength of mineral absorption features in the transmitted component of near-infrared reflected light - First results from RELAB. [spectrogoniometer for planetary and lunar surface composition
Bidirectional reflectance measurements are the only type of reflectance data available to the remote observer. For compositional interpretations, data are desired not only for identification ofExpand
Estimating modal abundances from the spectra of natural and laboratory pyroxene mixtures using the modified Gaussian model
Spectra of samples containing multiple pyroxene components are explored as a function of modal abundance using the modified Gaussian model (MGM). The MGM, unlike other approaches, allows spectra toExpand
Remote geochemical analysis : elemental and mineralogical composition
Remote geochemical analysis offers a powerful tool to study the elemental and mineralogical composition of our planet from its interior through to its atmosphere and to explore our solar system. SuchExpand
Determining the composition of olivine from reflectance spectroscopy
Reflectance spectra of olivines spanning the forsterite-fayalite solid-solution series have been analyzed with the modified Gaussian model (MGM). The compositional variability of the three primaryExpand
Character and Spatial Distribution of OH/H2O on the Surface of the Moon Seen by M3 on Chandrayaan-1
Analysis of recent infrared mapping by Chandrayaan-1 and Deep Impact, and reexamining Cassini data obtained during its early flyby of the Moon, Pieters et al. reveal a noticeable absorption signal for H2O and OH across much of the surface, implying that solar wind is depositing and/or somehow forming water and OH in minerals near the lunar surface, and that this trapped water is dynamic. Expand
Thermal metamorphism of the C, G, B, and F asteroids seen from the 0.7 μm, 3 μm, and UV absorption strengths in comparison with carbonaceous chondrites
Thermal metamorphism study of the C, G, B, and F asteroids has been revisited using their UV, visible, NIR, and 3 μm reflectance spectra. High-quality reflectance spectra of seven selected C, G, B,Expand