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Technology and Intellectual Property Rights DepartmentFractusBarcelona, SpainS. KahngDepartment of Info. & Telecomm. Eng.University of IncheonIncheon, South KoreaAbstract—This research consists on aExpand
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Multiband Handset Antenna Combining a PIFA, Slots, and Ground Plane Modes
A multiband handset antenna combining a PIFA and multiple slots on a ground plane is presented. It is shown by means of simulations that the slots on the ground plane have a double function: to tuneExpand
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Multiband handset antennas by means of groundplane modification
A technique consisting in designing the groundplane of a handset antenna is presented. The technique is applied to PIFA antennas to show how the bandwidth can be enhanced. Particularly, a dual-bandExpand
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Advances in Antenna Technology for Wireless Handheld Devices
The constant evolution of wireless handheld devices together with the apparition of multiple wireless communication systems fosters the antenna community to design new radiating and measurementsExpand
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Analysis of the Human Head Interaction in Handset Antennas with Slotted Ground Planes
The interaction between the human head and handset antennas needs to be taken into account, since mobile phones have to be functional, and, at the same time, guarantee biological compatibility. TheExpand
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Comparison of a monopole and a PIFA handset antenna in the presence of the human head
The great majority of wireless devices, such as handset phones, are used close to the human head. This fact modifies the antenna performance compared with a free space scenario. One of the criticalExpand
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Diseño de antenas multibanda para telefonía móvil mediante la manipulación del plano de masa
The Ground Plane used in a handset device has a very important role in the behaviour of the antenna. This study consists on a Ground Plane modification in order to enhance bandwidth and design aExpand
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Behavior of several antenna topologies near the human head at the 2.4–2.5 GHz band
The increasing growth of wireless devices operating at the 2.4–2.5 GHz band near the human head forces the antenna community to improve the robustness of the radiating system to the undesired effectsExpand
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Mitigation of the finger loading effect in handset antennas
The effect of the human body over the radiation of handset antennas is a critical issue that have to be considered to ensure a good handset antenna performance. Among the human body effect, theExpand
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