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Chemical engineering for advanced aqueous radioactive materials separations
Abstract: Almost every facet of chemical engineering is impacted when processing material with radioactive and fissile properties. Different containment concepts, passive or secure cells and canyons,Expand
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The Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant at Sellafield - Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Hot Operations and their Applicability to the DOE Environmental Management Program
The Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (Thorp) at Sellafield in northwest England is a $4 billion integrated plant that takes irradiated fuel from worldwide Light Water Reactors and UK Gas-CooledExpand
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THE THERMAL OXIDE REPROCESSING PLANT AT SELLAFIELD: Four Years of Successful Treatment of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel
The Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant at British Nuclear Fuels’ Sellafield site is designed to treat irradiated fuel from UK Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors and European and Japanese Light WaterExpand
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High Level Waste Processing in the U.K. - Hard Won Experience that can Benefit U.S. Nuclear Cleanup Work
High level liquid waste (HLLW) is generated as a by product of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. Almost 2 billion curies of high level waste (HLW) have been generated in three generations ofExpand
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The used nuclear fuel problem - can reprocessing and consolidated storage be complementary?
This paper describes our CISF (Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities) and Reprocessing Facility concepts and show how they can be combined with a geologic repository to provide a comprehensiveExpand
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Nuclear Proliferation Risk Mitigation Approaches and Impacts in the Recycle of Used Nuclear Fuel in the USA
EnergySolutions and its team partners, which include the UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), are one of four industry teams to have received an award from the US Department of Energy to carry outExpand
The Potential of Pressurized Water Reactors for Recycle of Americium-Curium - 10376
The UK National Nuclear Laboratory, in collaboration with EnergySolutions and other partners, has carried out studies related to americium-curium (Am-Cm) target recycle in a Pressurized Water ReactorExpand
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Development and design of the thermal oxide reprocessing plant at Sellafield
The Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant with reprocess British, European and Japanese nuclear fuel and is currently being commissioned. The Head End and Chemical Separation Plant process within THORPExpand
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Maintenance Free Fluidic Transfer and Mixing Devices for Highly Radioactive Applications — Design, Development, Deployment and Operational Experience
Power Fluidics is the generic name for a range of maintenance-free fluid transfer and mixing devices, capable of handling a wide range of highly radioactive fluids, jointly developed by BritishExpand
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Stabilization of Hanford K-Basin Sludge by Dissolution of Uranium Metal with Carbonate / Peroxide Solution - 11210
The Hanford K Basins were used until the mid 1960s to store, under water, spent nuclear fuel from the site’s reactors before it was reprocessed to recover uranium and plutonium. A sludge consistingExpand