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Fine-scale phylogenetic architecture of a complex bacterial community
Although molecular data have revealed the vast scope of microbial diversity, two fundamental questions remain unanswered even for well-defined natural microbial communities: how many bacterial typesExpand
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Genotypic Diversity Within a Natural Coastal Bacterioplankton Population
The genomic diversity and relative importance of distinct genotypes within natural bacterial populations have remained largely unknown. Here, we analyze the diversity and annual dynamics of a groupExpand
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Wishing to finance a recycling program? Willingness-to-pay study for enhancing municipal solid waste recycling in urban settlements in Thailand
Abstract This study measured willingness to pay (WTP) for the addition of recycling services into existing municipal solid waste management in different types of settlements in Thailand.Expand
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Environmental Impact Evaluation of Mobile Phone via Life Cycle Assessment
This research evaluated levels of environmental impacts of mobile phones throughout its life cycle from cradle to gate using LCA software SimaPro Version7.3.3 and expressed with the ecoindicator'99Expand
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Status and outlook for Thailand's low carbon electricity development
Thailand is facing an urgency to enhance its energy security and capacity to cope with global warming impacts, as demands on fossil fuel consumption keep rising. This paper reviewed the latestExpand
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Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy: The Role of Trading: The U.S. Experience
CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND 1.1 Definition of Water Quality and Water Pollution 1.2 Water Quality Regulation and Policy Reviews 1.3 Introduction to Water Quality Trading CHAPTER 2 CONCEPT, FRAMEWORK ANDExpand
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Environmental impact assessment of centralized municipal wastewater management in Thailand
PurposeUrbanization and industrial development intensify water utilization and wastewater generation. The efficiency of wastewater treatment systems varies and depends on system design and wastewaterExpand
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Co-Benefits of Household Waste Recycling for Local Community's Sustainable Waste Management in Thailand
The study aimed to evaluate co-benefits in term of GHG reduction, and avoided landfill costs by implementing a community-based management (CBM) program for municipal solid waste (MSW). Two towns ofExpand
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Outlook and challenges for promoting solar photovoltaic rooftops in Thailand
Solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftops have significant potentials for reducing reliance on conventional energy source and enhancing energy security in response to emergency situations or in remote areas.Expand
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