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Specificity of acquired aversions to taste qualities in hamsters and rats.
Patterns of activity evoked across four classes of peripheral gustatory neurons in rodents when the CSs were applied to the tongue were similar to the patterns of aversions across the four test stimuli for theCSs, suggesting that these four neural channels mediate the sensations evoked by S, N, H, and Q in rats and hamsters.
Gustatory nerve impulses in rat, cat and rabbit.
  • C. Pfaffmann
  • Biology
    Journal of neurophysiology
  • 1 September 1955
Afferent impulses from the teeth due to pressure and noxious stimulation
  • C. Pfaffmann
  • Medicine, Biology
    The Journal of physiology
  • 14 December 1939
At the present time, it is most generally accepted that pain is related to the pulp fibres and touch to the periodontal membrane, although pain may arise from this region as well.
Taste perference and aversion following lingual denervation.
  • C. Pfaffmann
  • Medicine
    Journal of comparative and physiological…
  • 1 October 1952
Absolute judgments of odor intensity.
The pleasures of sensation.
  • C. Pfaffmann
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Psychological review
  • 1 July 1960
Taste of Sodium Chloride Solutions after Adaptation to Sodium Chloride: Implications for the "Water Taste"
The adapting solutions became tasteless; solutions weaker than the adapting concentration tasted sour or bitter, and stronger solutions were reported as sweet or salty.