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Birds of the Western Palearctic
Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: The Birds of the Western Palearctic.Vol. 1: Ostrich to Ducks. Edited By S. Cramp, K. E. L. Simmons, I. J. Ferguson-Lees, E. M.Expand
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Population fluctuations and clutch size in the Great tit
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Summary Examination of survival rdtes of nestlings and fledglings of some species show that there is a strong tendency for those young which are hatched earliest in the season to have the greatestExpand
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Selection for the timing of great tit breeding in relation to caterpillar growth and temperature
1. We investigated the relation between the timing of great tit breeding, measured as the mean date of laying the first egg in each clutch, the timing of caterpillar availability, measured as medianExpand
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Migration and stopover in a small pelagic seabird, the Manx shearwater Puffinus puffinus: insights from machine learning
The migratory movements of seabirds (especially smaller species) remain poorly understood, despite their role as harvesters of marine ecosystems on a global scale and their potential as indicators ofExpand
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Predation risk and the cost of being fat
SMALL birds increase their fat reserves in winter as insurance against reduced or unpredictable food supplies1: fat is accumulated daily from feeding and utilized overnight2. Field observationsExpand
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Wild Geese of the World
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Components of Variance Underlying Fitness in a Natural Population of the Great Tit Parus major
Traits that are closely associated with fitness tend to have lower heritabilities (h2) than those that are not. This has been interpreted as evidence that natural selection tends to deplete geneticExpand
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Natal Dispersal of Great Tits in a Patchy Environment
The importance of dispersal for population genetics, population dynamics, and conservation biology is well established. We studied natal dispersal of Great Tits between Wytham Wood (high-qualityExpand
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