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Changes of immunoregulatory cells induced by psychological and physical stress: relationship to plasma catecholamines.
Lymphocyte subpopulations were measured before and after physical and psychological stress in 15 healthy subjects and correlated with plasma catecholamine and cortisol levels. During psychologicalExpand
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A repressive coping style protecting from emotional distress in low‐renin essential hypertensives
Objective To investigate the relationship between the behavioural characteristics and specified subgroups of patients with essential hypertension. Design and methods Fifty-four patients wereExpand
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Hyperadrenergic borderline hypertension is characterized by suppressed aggression.
The effect of suppressed aggression on the reactivity of the sympathetic nervous and cardiovascular systems has been investigated in two groups of 24 subjects each with either borderline hypertensionExpand
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Suppressed aggression accelerates early development of essential hypertension.
Predictors for early development of essential hypertension were identified in a prospective study of 98 normotensive and 23 borderline hypertensive subjects of both sexes aged 18-24 years. BaselineExpand
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Suppressed Aggression and Hyperdynamic Cardiovascular Regulation in Normotensive Offspring of Essential Hypertensive Parents
Summary: To trace a possible association between sup-pressed aggression and enhanced responses of the cardiovascular system and plasma catecholamines in a “pre-hypertensive” state, two groups of 24Expand
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Psychosomatic Factors in Borderline Hypertensive Subjects and Offspring of Hypertensive Parents
Psychosomatic factors, sympathoneural and sympathoadrenal as well as cardiovascular mechanisms, were studied in 24 patients 18–24 years of age with borderline hypertension, 50 age-matchedExpand
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[Autogenic training in generalized fibrositis].
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[Validity of the Narcissism Inventory (Denecke and Hilgenstock)].
For investigating the validity of the Narzissmusinventar 27 somatic and psychic healthy men aged between 30 and 45 were tested with the Narzissmusinventar, the Fragebogen zur Erfassung vonExpand
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Personality characteristics and renin in essential hypertension.
There may be specific personality differences between some if not all biochemically defined subgroups of patients with essential hypertension. A newly standardized projective test of reactions toExpand
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