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Genetic structure of an endangered plant, Antirrhinum microphyllum (Scrophulariaceae): allozyme and RAPD analysis.
Thirteen allozyme loci and 68 random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were analyzed to assess the genetic diversity and population structure of threatened Antirrhinum microphyllumExpand
Alternative statistical analyses for micropropagation: A practical case of proliferation and rooting phases in Viburnum opulus
SummaryThe kinds of data obtained in micropropagation studies are very often problematic, since they do not follow continous distribution and observations through culture vessels complicateExpand
The germinative behavior of nine plant species of the Iberian Peninsula, four of them catalogued as vulnerable or endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, was studiedExpand
International study on Artemia XLIX. Salinity effects on survival, maturity, growth, biometrics, reproductive and lifespan characteristics of a bisexual and a parthenogenetic population of Artemia
Two Artemia populations, a bisexual from San Francisco Bay (California, USA) and a parthenogenetic from Tanggu area (Tianjin province, People's Republic of China) are assayed for their tolerance andExpand
Application of RAPD markers in the characterisation of Chrysanthemum varieties and the assessment of somaclonal variation
Characterisation of fifteen commercial varieties of Chrysanthemum was carried out through RAPD analysis. Varieties could be distinguished from each other and the level of similarity between varietiesExpand
Vulnerability and determinants of reproductive success in the narrow endemic Antirrhinum microphyllum (Scrophulariaceae).
The breeding system and flowering phenology of the narrow endemic Antirrhinum microphyllum (Scrophulariaceae) were studied in order to assess the main factors affecting female reproductive successExpand
Micropropagation of Frazinus angustifolia from mature and juvenile plant material
Micropropagation of Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl has been successfully achieved both from mature and juvenile plant material using shoot tip and nodal explants. Several basal media supplemented withExpand
Three native Pseudomonas fluorescens strains tested under growth chamber and field conditions as biocontrol agents against damping-off in alfalfa
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is one of the most important crops used in Uruguay for livestock feeding. Seedling diseases, particularly damping-off, are a critical factor which limits its establishment.Expand
Micropropagation of Six Rockrose (Cistus) Species
Micropropagation methods for six rockrose species ( Cistus albidus L., C. clusii Dunal, C. ladanifer L., C. laurifolius L., C. psilosepalus L., and C. salvifolius L.) were established. Cultures,Expand