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Effect of aguamiel (agave sap) on hematic biometry in rabbits and its antioxidant activity determination
In this work, we analysed the effect of aguamiel (sap from Agave salmiana) on haematic biometry in rabbits as well as its antioxidant activity with the objective of determining its nutritional value.Expand
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Fruit Damage Patterns Caused by Ovipositing Females of Conotrachelus dimidiatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Guava Trees
We evaluated the damage patterns produced by females of the guava weevil Conotrachelus dimidiatus Champion, 1904 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), according to the position of the damaged fruit in guavaExpand
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Physico-chemical, thermal, and rheological properties of nixtamalized creole corn flours produced by high-energy milling.
High-energy milling (HEM) was used to produce nixtamalized corn flours, the traditional nixtamalization process was used as a control. Four creole grains were stone-milled, adjusted to an appropriateExpand
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Evaluación de compuestos volátiles para estimar poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba Conotrachelus dimidiatus
Mediante experimentos realizados en Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico, se determino que las poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba Conotrachelus dimidiatus pueden ser estimadas con trampas tipo piramideExpand
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Phytophthora capsici Epidemic Dispersion on Commercial Pepper Fields in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Chili pepper blight observed on pepper farms from north Aguascalientes was monitored for the presence of Phytophthora capsici during 2008–2010. Initially, ELISA tests were directed to plant samplesExpand
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EN PRENSA Patogenicidad de Phytophthora capsici Leon y Rhizoctonia solani Khün, en plántulas de chile ‘costeño’ (Capsicum annum L.) EN PRENSA
Desde hace decadas existe una necesidad de evaluar continuamente germoplasma de Capsicum con el proposito de identificar fuentes de resistencia a alta incidencia y severidad de agentes causales deExpand
Variation of plant and fruit traits in native Mexican costeño pepper
In a collection of costeño peppers conserved by indigenous producers from the municipalities of Santa Maria Tonameca and Santo Domingo de Morelos, Oaxaca, Mexico, a description and classification ofExpand
Impact of Opuntia species plant bio-battery in a semi-arid environment: Demonstration of their applications
Abstract The plant microbial fuel cell (P-MFC) is a novel bioelectrochemical device that is commonly used in highly water-saturated ecosystems to produce sustainable energy. However, the use of thisExpand
Variación de caracteres de planta y fruto en chile costeño (Capsicum annuum L.) nativo mexicano
Variation of plant and fruits traits in costeno pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) native from Mexico In a collection of pepper costeno conserved by indigenous producers from the municipalities of SantaExpand