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Properties of LYSO and recent LSO scintillators for phoswich PET detectors
The luminescence and nuclear spectroscopic properties of the new cerium-doped rare-earth scintillator lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate (Lu/sub 0.6/Y/sub 1.4/Si/sub 0.5/:Ce, LYSO) were investigated
Comparison of LSO, LGSO and MLS scintillators
The luminescence and nuclear spectroscopic properties of recent LSO, LGSO and MLS scintillators were investigated and compared to those of older LSO and LGSO crystals. UV-excited luminescent spectra
The Hardware and Signal Processing Architecture of LabPET™, a Small Animal APD-Based Digital PET Scanner
A new fully digital APD-based scanner architecture is proposed wherein nuclear pulses are sampled directly at the output of the Charge Sensitive Preamplifier (CSP) with one free-running ADC per channel to explore new digital signal processing algorithms borrowed from other fields like command and control theory, as well as advanced heuristics such as neural networks.
Scintillation light emission studies of LSO scintillators
UV and /spl gamma/-ray excited luminescence and nuclear spectroscopy were used to study the relationship between the scintillation mechanisms of LSO and the spectroscopic characteristics obtained with PMT and APD readouts at room temperature and found that the poor energy resolution of Lso and YSO scintillators is well correlated with the coexistence of the two competing luminescent mechanisms.
Investigation of depth-of-interaction by pulse shape discrimination in multicrystal detectors read out by avalanche photodiodes
The measurement of depth of interaction (DOI) within detectors is necessary to improve resolution uniformity across the FOV of small diameter PET scanners. DOI encoding by pulse shape discrimination
Design and performance of 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS charge preamplifiers for APD-based PET scanners
The CMOS 0.18-/spl mu/m technology was investigated for two analog front-end projects: the low-power budget rat-head mounted miniature rat conscious animal PET (RatCAP) scanner, and the
System Architecture of the LabPET Small Animal PET Scanner
To address modern molecular imaging requirements, a digital positron emission tomography (PET) scanner for small animals has been developed at Universite de Sherbrooke. Based on individual readout of
Investigation of GSO, LSO and YSO scintillators using reverse avalanche photodiodes
The performance characteristics of GSO, LSO and YSO scintillators coupled to new "reverse" avalanche photodiodes (ReAPD) were investigated and compared to those of BGO. The energy and timing
Real time digital signal processing implementation for an APD-based PET scanner with phoswich detectors
A highly parallel data acquisition system based on an integrated analog front-end and a high-speed fully digital signal processing section that directly samples the output of each preamplifier and feeds the sampled data into a field programmable gate array VirtexII PRO from Xilinx, which allows up to 64 channels to be processed simultaneously.