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VV-hemorphin-7 and LVV-hemorphin-7 released during in vitro peptic hemoglobin hydrolysis are morphinomimetic peptides
Two opioid peptides were generated by in vitro pepsin treatment of bovine hemoglobin. These peptides were identified using a GPI test and purified using HPLC chromatographic techniques. TheyExpand
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Purification and characterization of enkephalin-related peptides released by in vitro peptic digestion of bovine plasma proteins
In vitro pepsin treatment of plasma proteins generates biologically active peptides such as enkephalin-related peptides. These peptides were characterized using chromatographic techniques along withExpand
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Nutritional value and intestinal effects of dipeptides and tripeptides. Comparison with their issuing bovine plasma protein in rats.
A hydrolysate containing 75% di- and tripeptides (DTP) was prepared from bovine plasma proteins (BP) and the original protein and hydrolysate were compared for nutritional value. Food intake, proteinExpand
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[Hormonal control of the adenyl cyclase activity of adipose cell membranes prepared from badger, rabbit, fox and rat adipose tissues].
1. We have shown differences in hormonal regulation of adenylate cyclase activity in fat cell ghosts prepared from rat, rabbit, fox and badger adipose tissue, under the influence of catecholamines,Expand
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Effets de la surrenalectomie et de l'administration d'hydrocortisone sur l'activite de l'adenylate cyclase de cellules adipeuses du lapin
Abstract Adenylate cyclase activity in rabbit adipocyte plasma membranes was studied with special reference to the effects of adrenalectomy and administration of cortisol in vivo. Adrenalectomy wasExpand
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Nutritional rehabilitation of malnourished rats by di- and tripeptides: nitrogen metabolism and intestinal response
Abstract An enzymic hydrolysate (DTP) rich in di- and tripeptides (75%) was prepared from bovine plasma proteins (BP). Protein-calorie malnourished rats were subjected to refeeding tests with dietsExpand
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[Season variations in lipolysis activity of adipocytes from fox, badger and hedgehog].
1. We have studied the seasonal variations of the lipolytic response to a beta agonist, isoproterenol, and to theophylline of the isolated adipocyte from fox, badger and hedgehog, related to theExpand
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Process for the preparation of an enzymatic hydrolyzate.
Is prepared an enzymatic hydrolyzate rich in di- and tri-peptides by a plasmatic animal protein mixture, prepared by thermocoagulation and liquid-solid separation to be subjected to an enzymaticExpand
[Fat and glucose mobilization in the hypophysectomized rabbit (author's transl)].
1. The metabolic behaviour of the fed hypophysectomized rabbit is quite different from that of the fed normal rabbit, i.e. in the hypophysectomized rabbit we found lasting hypoglycemia and aExpand