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On the relationship between ultrasonic and micromechanical properties of contacting rough surfaces
Abstract In this work, it is suggested that a unique set of the interfacial stiffness constants, K N and K T , is sufficient to characterize the macroscopic elastic response of an interface betweenExpand
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Nonlinear interaction of plane ultrasonic waves with an interface between rough surfaces in contact.
  • C. Pecorari
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 29 May 2003
A theoretical investigation of the nonlinear interaction between an acoustic plane wave and an interface formed by two rough, nonconforming surfaces in partial contact is presented. The macroscopicExpand
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Characterization of acoustic properties of PVA-shelled ultrasound contrast agents: linear properties (part I).
This work examines the linear acoustic behavior of ultrasound contrast agents made of three types of poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) shelled microbubbles manufactured at different pH and temperatureExpand
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A note on the sensitivity of SV wave scattering to surface-breaking cracks.
The results presented in this communication show that the conventional configuration adopting a shear vertical wave at 45 degrees of incidence to detect cracks breaking the surface opposite the oneExpand
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Characterizing Particle Flow by Acoustic Emission
A simple theoretical model which captures the statistical nature of an acoustic emission (AE) signal generated by a stream of solid particles impinging on a flat solid surface is presented. It restsExpand
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Characterization of acoustic properties of PVA-shelled ultrasound contrast agents: ultrasound-induced fracture (part II).
Knowledge of the magnitude of the peak negative pressure, P(thr), at which ultrasound contrast agents fracture is relevant for using these microbubbles both as devices for contrast enhancementExpand
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Characterization of ultrasound-induced fracture of polymer-shelled ultrasonic contrast agents by correlation analysis.
Beyond a characteristic value of the negative peak pressure, ultrasound fracture the shell of ultrasonic contrast agents (UCAs). Existing criteria for ascertaining this threshold value exploit theExpand
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On the Relationship Between Ultrasonic and Micro-Structural Properties of Imperfect Interfaces in Layered Solids
The interaction of ultrasonic waves with interfaces formed by two non-conforming, rough surfaces in contact has been the subject of numerous investigations [1–10]. The motivations behind theseExpand
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Characterization of surface damage via surface acoustic waves
The damage introduced by polishing and machining of brittle materials has been evaluated by two techniques: quantitative acoustic microscopy (QAM) and surface Brillouin scattering (SBS). Both methodsExpand
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Nonlinear acoustic scattering by a partially closed surface-breaking crack.
A theoretical model describing the nonlinear scattering of acoustic waves by surface-breaking cracks with faces in partial contact is presented. The nonlinear properties of the crack are accountedExpand
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