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Alginate, mannitol, phenolic compounds and biological activities of two range-extending brown algae, Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata (Phaeophyta: Fucales), from Tahiti (French Polynesia)
This study deals with two range-extending brown algae from Tahitian coral reefs, Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata; their alginate properties, mannitol and phenolic contents, antioxidantExpand
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The More We Search, the More We Find: Discovery of a New Lineage and a New Species Complex in the Genus Asparagopsis
In the past few decades, in the marine realm in particular, the use of molecular tools has led to the discovery of hidden taxonomic diversity, revealing complexes of sister species. A good example isExpand
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Molecular systematics, historical ecology, and phylogeography of Halimeda (Bryopsidales).
Halimeda (Bryopsidales), a genus of calcified, segmented green seaweeds, abounds in reefs and lagoons throughout the tropics. To investigate phylogenetic, phylogeographic, and historic ecologicalExpand
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Phenolic contents of two brown algae, Turbinaria ornata and Sargassum mangarevense on Tahiti (French Polynesia): interspecific, ontogenic and spatio-temporal variations
Abstract To elucidate the possible implications of phenolic content in survival strategies of two tropical brown fucaleans, Turbinaria ornata and Sargassum mangarevense, we determined total phenolicExpand
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Mitochondrial sequences of Seriatopora corals show little agreement with morphology and reveal the duplication of a tRNA gene near the control region
The taxonomy of corals of the genus Seriatopora has not previously been studied using molecular sequence markers. As a first step toward a re-evaluation of species boundaries in this genus,Expand
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Pigment concentration, in vivo absorption, and photosynthetic parameters of the coralline alga Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) Penrose and Woelkerling were compared among samples from a lagoon andExpand
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Vulnerability of mangroves, seagrasses and intertidal flats in the tropical Pacific to climate change
In addition to the extensive coral reef habitats described in Chapter 5, the shallow subtidal and intertidal zones around the coasts of Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) often supportExpand
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Phylogenetic analyses of the Laurencia complex (Rhodomelaceae, Ceramiales) support recognition of five genera: Chondrophycus, Laurencia, Osmundea, Palisada and Yuzurua stat. nov.
Molecular phylogenies inferred from rbcL sequences including 39 representative members of the Laurencia complex confirm the four genera currently recognised within the complex: Laurencia sensuExpand
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Halimeda contribution to organic and inorganic production in a Tahitian reef system
Of the seven species of Halimeda inhabiting a lagoon on Moorea island, three representing 10% of the algal covering and averaging 111 g of dry weight m-2, have been studied in the course of a year.Expand
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Bioerosion of the coralline alga Hydrolithon onkodes by microborers in the coral reefs of Moorea, Fr
Abstract Calcareous skeletons of the coralline alga Hydrolithon onkodes are colonised by a variety of microboring organisms including euendolithic algae. The species composition of microboringExpand
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