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Numerical implementation of displacement discontinuity method and its application in hydraulic fracturing
Abstract A formulation of the quadratic displacement discontinuity method is presented to model two-dimensional elastic fracture problems. The new formulation is found by analytical integration ofExpand
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Experimental Verification of Dimensional Analysis for Hydraulic Fracturing
The authors have derived model laws that relate experimental parameters of a physical model of hydraulic fracture propagation to the prototype parameters. Correct representation of elasticExpand
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Experimental study on hydraulic fracturing of soft rocks: Influence of fluid rheology and confining stress
Abstract This paper presents an experimental study on hydraulic fracturing of unconsolidated rocks focusing on mechanisms of fracture initiation and propagation using different injection fluids atExpand
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Disordered structure of Na2CO3 at 400°C
Abstract The structure of Na2CO3 at 400°C has been refined from a neutron powder diagram. Also, the line-widths have been measured in a high resolution X-ray powder diagram. The broadened lines areExpand
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Geometry of Hydraulic Fractures Induced From Horizontal Wellbores
In the Dan field, very high breakdown pressures were observed for wellbores drilled with a high azimuth with respect to the preferred fracture plane. The increased breakdown pressure was caused byExpand
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The influence of steam pressure on thermal spalling of sedimentary rock: Theory and experiments
Thermal spalling is the process by which surface material cracks and breaks off due to variation of temperature. The process is complex and the physical mechanisms that cause thermal spalling are notExpand
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