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Effect of extracellular calcium, pH and borate on growth oscillations in Lilium formosanum pollen tubes.
Calcium ions (Ca(2+)), protons (H(+)), and borate (B(OH)(4)(-)) are essential ions in the control of tip growth of pollen tubes. All three ions may interact with pectins, a major component of theExpand
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Bisphenol-A, an environmental contaminant that acts as a thyroid hormone receptor antagonist in vitro, increases serum thyroxine, and alters RC3/neurogranin expression in the developing rat brain.
Considering the importance of thyroid hormone (TH) in brain development, it is of potential concern that a wide variety of environmental chemicals can interfere with thyroid function or, perhaps ofExpand
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Sustainable Agricultural Techniques: Native Plant Seed Production - Sulphur-flower Buckwheat Eriogonum umbellatum (ERUM)
Native forb seed production is needed for rangeland restoration and reclamation projects within the Great Basin. Sulphur-flower buckwheat Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. [ERUM], (Fig.1) is a widespreadExpand
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