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Dynamic changes in motivation in collaborative citizen-science projects
We show that volunteers are motivated by a complex framework of factors that dynamically change throughout their cycle of work on ecological citizen science projects; this motivational framework is strongly affected by personal interests as well as external factors such as attribution and acknowledgment. Expand
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Toward reconstructing the evolution of advanced moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera: Ditrysia): an initial molecular study
BackgroundIn the mega-diverse insect order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths; 165,000 described species), deeper relationships are little understood within the clade Ditrysia, to which 98% of theExpand
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Task taxonomy for graph visualization
Our goal is to define a list of tasks for graph visualization that has enough detail and specificity to be useful to: 1) designers who want to improve their system and 2) to evaluators whowant to compare graph visualization systems. Expand
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A Large-Scale, Higher-Level, Molecular Phylogenetic Study of the Insect Order Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies)
Background Higher-level relationships within the Lepidoptera, and particularly within the species-rich subclade Ditrysia, are generally not well understood, although recent studies have yieldedExpand
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The Encyclopedia of Life v2: Providing Global Access to Knowledge About Life on Earth
We show that it is possible to successfully integrate large amounts of descriptive biodiversity data from diverse sources into a robust, standards-based, dynamic, and scalable infrastructure. Expand
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Can Deliberately Incomplete Gene Sample Augmentation Improve a Phylogeny Estimate for the Advanced Moths and Butterflies (Hexapoda: Lepidoptera)?
Abstract This paper addresses the question of whether one can economically improve the robustness of a molecular phylogeny estimate by increasing gene sampling in only a subset of taxa, withoutExpand
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TreePlus: Interactive Exploration of Networks with Enhanced Tree Layouts
We propose an interactive graph visualization called TreePlus that is based on a tree-style layout. Expand
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RDF123: From Spreadsheets to RDF
We describe RDF123, a highly flexible open-source tool for translating spreadsheet data to RDF. Expand
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Evolutionary informatics: unifying knowledge about the diversity of life.
The accelerating growth of data and knowledge in evolutionary biology is indisputable. Despite this rapid progress, information remains scattered, poorly documented and in formats that impedeExpand
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Supporting content curation communities: The case of the Encyclopedia of Life
This article explores the opportunities and challenges of creating and sustaining large-scale “content curation communities” through an in-depth case study of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). Expand
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